The Brand                                                                  


Tatostix is one of the most innovative and successful food concepts Chef’s Fun Foods has developed.  We have built a strong, trusted, and recognized brand in the food retail industry and with many loyal customers following the progression of our brands, especially Tatostix.

Tatostix success strives on the fact that French fries and potato chips have been in high demand since the early 19th century.  In recent years, annual consumption has increased by up to 400%.The entire world loves fries, young, and old, regardless of culture or ethnic background.  

Tatostix has paved the way by capturing enthusiasm from its presentation of the Ultimate Fried Potato With A Twist and cutting through boundaries in its choice of exclusive mouth watering flavored seasonings that will awaken your taste buds.

The Concept

Tatostix has introduced a revolutionary way of serving and eating a fried potato.  It is a delicious unpeeled potato on a bamboo skewer, spiral cut into its unique eye-catching form by our Tatostix Electronic Machine.  After briefly frying, it is then sprinkled with one of our eight mouthwatering flavored seasonings to create a tasty snack that can be served at any location and at any time of the year. We have simply taken fries to another level in both presentation and taste!

Anyone who likes French fries or potato chips will LOVE TATOSTIX!!!

Tatostix is made from a medium sized potato which has been washed, but not peeled. We do not peel the potato because almost half of the nutritional value of a potato is in the skin. Then, the automation of the Tatostix Electronic Machine takes over creating a consistent spiral cut thickness of 4mm, allowing for an even frying time of less than three minutes. The entire preparation, cutting and cooking process does not take more than 3.5 minutes.

Tatostix not only gives your customers its visual appeal, but by adding our delicious mouth watering flavors that we all know and love on potato chips you will be sure to have them coming back for more.  Tatostix can be served as a single serving, to-go on a foot long tray or simply on our Appetizer Stand, which can accommodate up to five Tatostix.

Sales Outlook

Unlike other food vendors, Tatostix brings a new and exciting snack to your venue. Its unique concept will not only appeal to children but to adults as well.  Typically a 16” skewer of Tatostix can be moderately retailed for $3.00 to $5.00 depending on the location and the event with an average production cost of less than $0.30.

 Add Tatostix to your menu and be a part of this growing trend!