The Brand                                                                  


Waffstix is one of the most innovative and successful food concepts Chef’s Fun Foods has developed.  Chef’s Fun Foods has built a strong, trusted, and recognized brand in the food retail industry and has many loyal customers following the progression of its brands.

The whole world loves waffles, young, and old, regardless of culture or ethnic background.  Waffstix can be enjoyed by anyone at any time of the year.  This has paved the way for Chef's Fun Foods to capture the enthusiasm from the presentation of Waffstix, The Ultimate Waffle On A stick. 

The Concept

Waffstix’s unique, eye-catching design will add a fun element to a well-established product. With its low cost and easy preparation your customers will enjoy a convenient and portable snack any time of the day. This tasty snack can be served in a variety of creative ways and will be sure to leave your customers wanting more! Turn your ordinary waffle into an amazing Waffstix!

Anyone who likes Waffles will LOVE WAFFSTIX!!!

Why Waffstix

- Avg Retail Cost: $3.00 - $5.00

- Avg Product Cost: $ 0.52 = Profits!!!

- Waffstix appeals to any age group
- The appearance and aroma of Waffstix will make your customers crave it!
- Takes a waffle to a new level
- Sets you apart from your competition
- Can produce 80—100 Waffstix an hour, WOW!


Add Waffstix to your location and be a part of this quickly growing trend!