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Gourmet Fries Seasoning:                                               

Chef’s Fun Foods is revolutionizing the way French Fries look and taste! Taking our combined years of experience, we have created a variety of eight delicious mouth watering seasoned salts that are tailored to enhance and complement any type of fries. Whether it’s our Flame Grilled BBQ or Salt & Vinegar, our flavors are well known to all potato lovers. Chef’s Fun Foods offers the tastes that we have all grown accustomed to and love … flavors that would excite any taste bud!




Tatostix has introduced a revolutionary way of serving and eating a fried potato.  It is a delicious unpeeled potato on a bamboo skewer, spiral cut into its unique eye-catching form by our Tatostix Electronic Machine.  After briefly frying, it is then sprinkled with one of our eight mouthwatering flavored seasonings to create a tasty snack that can be served at any location and at any time of the year. We have simply taken fries to another level in both presentation and taste.

Anyone who likes fries or potato chips will LOVE TATOSTIX!!



Waffstix’s unique and eye-catching   design will add a fun element to a well-established product. With its low cost and easy preparation your customers will enjoy a convenient and portable snack any time of the day. This tasty snack can be served in a variety of creative ways and will be sure to leave your customers wanting more! Turn your ordinary waffle into an amazing Waffstix!

Anyone who likes Waffles will LOVE WAFFSTIX!!!




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