Tatostix Single Premium Package

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Chef's Fun Foods is proud to offer our introductory Single Premium Package designed to put you on the fast track to Tatostix success!

This package includes the following items:

Key features of the Tatostix Electronic Machine:

  • The Tatostix Electronic Machine is made from 304 stainless steel body allowing for easy cleaning
  • An improved high torque motor for large potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetables
  • A magnetic collection tray to collect excess potato juices 
  • An interchangeable blade to allow for a variety of slicing options
  • A pause button for emergency stop
  • Removable sneeze guard 
  • For easy cleaning the grip, sneeze guard, blade and collection tray are all dishwasher safe
  • Rubber pads allow the Tatostix Electronic Machine to be used on a wide range of surfaces
  • Runs on conventional 110v power
  • 1 year or 30,000 cut warranty
  • An automated counter that logs each Tatostix. This counter cannot be reset guaranteeing an accurate sales report
  • The Tatostix Electronic Machine is FULLY automated. At the press of a button the machine spirals the potato through the blade. At the end of the cutting process the machine automatically resets to the start position. 

What is a Tatostix? 

A Tatostix is a delicious unpeeled potato on a bamboo skewer, spiral cut into its unique eye-catching for by our Tatostix Electronic Machine. After briefly frying it is then sprinkled with out of our eight delicious mouthwatering Gourmet Fries Seasonings to create a tasty snack that can be served at any location and at any time of the year. We have simply taken fries to another level in presentation, taste and profit! stand-clean.png

But don't just take our word for it, here are some testimonials:

"We believe that this product is the next turkey leg" - Maria Lopez Orlando, FL

"Tatostix is a true walking advertisement and really wows the crowds"- Mark Greenburg New York, NY

"Tatostix has been a great addition to my appetizer menu and bar" - James Morgan San Francisco, CA